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Difference Between CBSE vs State Boards

Difference Between CBSE vs State Boards

Every parent always faces a dilemma when choosing the right board for students. A child must get an education from the best school because it is a crucial part of their lives. Most parents take references from the internet when searching for the best education board for students. But, the information provided on the internet is not enough to decide. Parents should look into various aspects while choosing the right board for their children.

This article discusses a few differences between CBSE and State Boards.

CBSE and State Boards

As the name suggests, the Central Board of Secondary Education is the national board of our country, whereas State Boards are only confined to their respective states. Both the boards are different in syllabus, teaching method, exam pattern, etc.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

The Central Board for Secondary education, popularly known as CBSE, is the national board of our country. Most of the schools are affiliated with the CBSE Board, and the teaching pattern of the Board is primarily focused on practical-based learning. The CBSE Board follows a strict exam pattern. For various competitive exams, the syllabus of the CBSE Board is crucial. The syllabus also gets updated according to the educational trend. In 2017, the board introduced a uniform assessment system to standardise the evaluation process. Saransh is a tool introduced by the CBSE Board to help parents and teachers track their children’s progress and provide attention wherever needed. CBSE Boards schools are advised to follow the NCERT textbooks.

State Boards

Every state has its State Boards with an extensive network of schools. State Boards cater to all the educational needs of the students from the base level. All the State Boards primarily follow rote-based learning and focus on regional language. In the curriculum, the State Boards include the state language. The State Boards are responsible for publishing their textbooks, such as Maharashtra Board prescribed class and subject wise books like 5th std Maths textbook Maharashtra board pdf. Civil service exam aspirants prefer to study in State Board affiliated schools. Parents who can’t afford to pay high fees for their kids’ education opt for the State Boards.

Syllabus, Higher Education and Marking System

1) Syllabus – Compared to the State Boards, the syllabus of the CBSE Board is easier. The syllabus of State Boards includes vast content related to different subjects, which is tough to digest. The textbooks prescribed by the CBSE Board emphasise concept-based learning so that students can understand it better. The syllabus framed by the CBSE Board is more into practice-oriented knowledge, which is also required while preparing for various competitive exams.

2) Learning – When it comes to learning, the CBSE promotes conceptual-based learning, while State Boards emphasise more on memorising the concepts. Students of the CBSE Board will not be able to answer questions if they don’t understand the concepts thoroughly. But, the students of the State Board primarily mug up the concepts to achieve more marks irrespective of whether the student has understood the concept or not. The system is manifested with such a thought process.

3) Higher education – When it is about higher education, the CBSE Board is preferable. Compared to the State Boards, the exam of the CBSE Board is more challenging. If you want your kid to sit for various competitive exams, the CBSE Board is undoubtedly the best choice. If you’re going to pursue engineering or medical students, you need to be thorough with the CBSE syllabus. Studying in the CBSE Board will prepare your children for higher education and extremely difficult entrance exams.

For students who study under the State Board affiliated schools for them appearing for competitive exams becomes challenging. The primary drawback is the syllabus because one needs to be familiar with the CBSE syllabus to sit for these exams.

Both the boards provide the exam materials on their official website. For example, students of the Maharashtra Board can download the 6th standard English textbook Maharashtra pdf online.

4) Marking system – The State Board is the right choice; if you want your children to achieve good marks. The exams conducted by the CBSE Board are more challenging. Even the evaluation process is done strictly. When it comes to the State Boards, the evaluation is taken care of by the respective state authorities, and hence students get good marks.

So, whichever board you opt for, one thing you need to ensure is your child’s needs and the ability to take up the course.