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TV Shows You Can Watch On Nickelodeon


Some days you feel like taking a break and just sitting back and watching a TV show and letting go of everything. At that moment, you just want to relax and not wrack your brain or think too much about things. A light-hearted show that gets you relaxed and makes you laugh every now and then is just what you need. And if you have cable TV, then you are in luck. The channel lineup for cable TV is quite attractive, depending on the package or plan you choose and even which provider you choose it from.

If you are looking to watch something along the lines of friendship, innocent romance, and comedy, Nickelodeon shows will be up your alley. Most Nickelodeon shows fit that description and so, you won’t have to look too far to find the right shows to watch. This article is aimed at helping you decide on a show to watch when you are having a bad day or are just generally bored.

Nickelodeon is a popular TV channel that you can find in the channel lineup of many service providers. There are various service providers like Spectrum, Xfinity and RCN. The RCN channel lineup has Nickelodeon, along with a variety of other channels like Cartoon Network, Nick Jr., Animal Planet, and much more. If you want to know about all of its channels, you should check out its channel lineup by clicking on the link. 

Just in case, you are also a TV binge-watcher, just like us, then you have landed at the right place. Below, we are going to mention the best TV shows on Nickelodeon for your weekend night binge. Let’s get down to the list. 


Carly, Sam, and Freddie, are three friends that decide to make an internet show, hosted by Sam and Carly, while Freddie, being the tech genius, handles everything else. Unexpectedly and to their surprise, the show becomes a massive hit, so they decide to continue the show and we see them balancing their personal and “internet” lives, along with all the problems that come with high school. 

Interestingly, Carly’s brother, Spencer, is also a regular character and often a guest in their show. Oh, and the show’s name is iCarly! The reason we have added this show to the list is that while it may seem very childish to you at first, it is the perfect light-hearted entertainment. High school crushes, first boyfriends, creepy classmates, and mean bullies; all are a part of the high school experience. Oh, and also over-protective mothers, as in Freddie’s case! 

Big Time Rush

Ah yes, how can we forget the cute boyband, with four dorky yet good-natured boys, Big Time Rush? And if you’re wondering about the band, then yes, they were an actual band, however, the show was just for entertainment purposes only. It is not based on true stories, etc. 

Kendall is the leader of the band and also probably the most rational person there. James is the womanizer of the group and also the one that loves as much attention as he can get. Carlos is an energetic kid, full of vigor and always looking for trouble. Logan is an intelligent boy, who likes to study and is also the one making the most sense in many situations.

The show follows the antics of these boys and how they end up in troubling situations and try to fix them. All four of the boys are extremely talented and sing well but in their personal lives, they don’t have much of an idea of dealing with girls, rivals, and much more.


Tory Vega, gets admitted into a well-known high school of performing arts to fulfill her dreams of being a singer one day. Throughout her journey at the school, she meets many people and makes friends. Her circle grows to include Cat, Back, Jade, Andre, Robbie, and Rex, who happens to be Robbie’s puppet. As it turns out, you don’t just need a good voice to become a singer, but there is a lot more you need to learn, and Tory has to learn to balance her school life with her personal problems as well.

The show had a big audience and just like other Nickelodeon shows, also has its fair share of absurdity and hilarity. Trine, Tory’s self-absorbed sister, and Sikowitz, her teacher, don’t make Tory’s life any easier and just add to the silly situations and circumstances they end up in. 

Drake & Josh

Drake & Josh follows the story of two step-brothers and how they grow and learn to live with each other and oftentimes, team up against their younger sister, Megan. Megan is quite the trickster and enjoys teasing both the boys regularly. It doesn’t make it any easier on the boys that they both have completely opposite personalities so they rarely have anything in common, besides the room, they have to share. Their teenage problems and escapades also vary on a bigger range, with Drake being a popular guy and Josh being the shy one. 

The show was well-received by a large audience, thanks to the comedy factor and the unusual bond between the two brothers. Of course, Megan’s character was also loved and added an extra kick to the show with her mischievousness. 

The Thundermans 

The Thundermans features a story of a family with superpowers who are trying to live a normal life. Sound familiar? No, we’re not talking about The Incredibles, we’re talking about The Thundermans. 

Phoebe and Max, the twins, both have different dreams and goals they want to accomplish. Phoebe wants to groom her powers and use them for good by becoming a superhero, however, Max wants the complete opposite. He wants to become a supervillain, and is undergoing training to hone his powers. Max, when ultimately faced with the dilemma of choosing whether he will take his sister’s powers away and become the villain or become a hero, chooses the latter, and eventually, the Thundermans become a part of the Z-force league, a superhero team. 

The show had a lot of fans and became very popular with kids especially. Of course, a big reason for that was because of the magic factor added into the show and the fascination with the concept of superpowers that most kids have. 

Honorable mentions

Besides the TV shows talked about above, there are many more shows that you can watch if you are not in the mood for any of the ones mentioned above. Here are some honorable mentions:

  • Rugrats
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
  • Danny Phantom
  • The Fairly OddParents
  • Winx Club
  • Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
  • CatDog

All of the shows mentioned here are animated shows that you are not restricted age-wise as well, and so, you can watch these with your family as well, especially if you prefer animated shows over live-action. 


How many shows have you already watched? Which shows rang a bell and reminded you of your childhood? Probably all. At least, that was the case for us. Having grown up watching these shows and re-watching them as an adult really does put some things into perspective. But then again, that depends on the show and if there are any deep messages embedded in between the humorous dialogues. Well, that’ll be it, folks!