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How to Choose the Right Tool Kit for You

Right Tool Box

Choosing the right tool kit for your trade tools is a major decision. Your tool box needs to provide a damp free, secure environment for your equipment that is also easy to carry around and will endure rough conditions if necessary.  It also needs to provide accessibility to the tools it carries when you need them.  

Will it fit all your tools and accessories?

Tool box configurations vary greatly so the tools you need daily on the job will determine the shape and size you choose. Some toolboxes are very basic, with a handle and open case, while others provide elasticated fittings for multiple small tools like pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers. Other have compartments for eye safety gear, gloves and multimeters. Check out the interior of the tool box carefully to make sure your tools will be easy to access when you need them. 

Will it fit in your vehicle?

Whatever kind of vehicle you drive will need space for the toolbox you choose. If you share transport, make sure you don’t take up all the space with your kit. If you use your vehicle to transport other equipment, make sure your toolbox doesn’t take up too much room that you can’t fit in the rest of the materials you need for the job. 

Will it be secure and safe during transport?

Riding in the back of a ute or the crammed boot of your car could damage tools that aren’t packed correctly. A tool box that provides compartments, appropriately sized space and slots for small items is the best choice to keep tools damage free and in the place they were packed in before you left home. 

Are your tools accessible when on site?

When you need a specific tool on the job, how easy is it to find and grab from your tool box? Your tool box design should allow you to access the piece of equipment you need easily and efficiently as you work. You should also choose a tool box that is portable for the conditions you need it, such as working at heights or confined spaces. To carry heavy equipment or multiple tools, you may need a tool box that is on wheels with a telescope handle to fit into your vehicle.  

Will it be suitable and durable for the purpose? 

Check fasteners, locks and weatherproofing to see how it would fare in the conditions you work in. If you are on a remote or harsh site, your tool box should be weather, dust and temperature resistant. If your tool box is often left unattended, check to see if the fasteners or locks are as secure as they need to be. 

Before you go shopping, write a list of your requirements to be sure you choose the tool box that is right for you. Conditions on sites and trades jobs vary greatly so make sure that your tool box has the space you need. For more information on tool box designs ask a tool kit expert near you.