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Ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary at home


Celebrations are part of our life. Whether it is birthdays, anniversaries or festivals we humans don’t miss celebrating it in our way. People usually step out of the house to celebrate their special day at some restaurant, club or bar as per their preference. But since the corona pandemic struck the world we learnt to stay home and celebrate as well. 

 People think that going out is a cool and more fun way of celebrating. But today in this article I will tell you how you can celebrate your anniversary at your home in an amazing way. Celebrations at home can also be fun so get ready to celebrate your anniversary at home with your partner with these cool ideas. 

Setting a home spa-

We associate the spa with relaxation and refreshment. It would be great to have such a session at home. On your anniversary you can set up a home spa at home for both of you if you have a bathtub. You can make it more romantic and aesthetic by using aromatic candles, rose petals, diffusers etc. You can also play the music in the background to set the mood. It would be a very refreshing moment for both of you. You can have healthy conversations and spend quality time together. 

Arrange a candlelight dinner-

The romantic candlelight dinner plan can be done at home also. You just need to be a little creative with setups. If you like to have an open setup then you can use your rooftop or balcony to set the table for two. You can use scented candles, flowers, lights and little decoration to make the whole setup look like the one at the restaurant. Play the romantic music in the background to set the ambience. You can order food from a restaurant so that you don’t have to cook. Get dressed and enjoy your very own candlelight dinner at home with your spouse. 

Play games-

If you have got bored of candlelight dinners and want to try something different on your wedding anniversary then you can spend your day playing different games with your partner. This is one way to get to know each other even better. You can play board games, cards, video games etc as per your preference. It’s your anniversary, make it special by spending time and doing different activities with your partner. You can get a happy wedding anniversary cake from an online bakery.

Cook together-

Anniversary is the day to make each other feel special and loved. To spend time together you can try cooking. It’s an art and a therapeutic act. You can enjoy each other’s company while cooking your favorite dishes. To make this cooking experience even more extraordinary you can try making international cuisines or something you haven’t tried eating or cooking before.


For how long have you both been waiting to finish your favorite web series? Your anniversary is the perfect day to binge-watch all those remaining episodes together. Just grab your favorite popcorn, snacks and drinks and enjoy binge-watching. You can order your anniversary cake as well. Online cake delivery in Bangalore is available.

Revisit your wedding memories-

It’s your anniversary, and you have completed another milestone in your journey as a couple. It’s commendable. It’s the best time to revisit your wedding albums, wedding videos and pictures and reminisce about them. Grab a cup of hot coffee and take a trip down memory lane together. 

I hope you got some creative ideas on how you can make your anniversary special and celebrate at home. More than a celebration it’s about the day to be with each other and tell them that you are still in love with your partner.