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Ice Slip and Fall Accidents in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Ice Slip and Fall Accidents in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

While winter in Cedar Rapids is a thing of beauty, and definitely a treat to the eyes, the refreezing of the snow can lead to severe personal injuries. So what can you do in case of personal injury on someone else’s property? You get a personal injury lawyer in Cedar Rapids right away.

Duty of care as a property owner:

Usually, it has been seen that ice-related slip and fall cases mostly occur on sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. But whose responsibility is it to take proper care of these properties? The property owner. As a result, the property owners must take the necessary actions to ensure that their property is hazard-free for visitors within a couple of days after the buildup of snow. 

Establishing liability for the slip and fall accident:

As much as the owners need to take care of the property, the visitors also need to be careful when they are on someone else’s property and avoid any possible accidents. 

However, in case you slip and fall and sustain injuries due to the owner’s negligence, you can file a claim for compensation by demonstrating that the owner was negligent and did not take proper care of the property. Likewise, if an owner knew about a possible hazard in the property and chose to do nothing about it, you can hold them liable. 

So, what if there is a continuing storm? In these cases, you do not have to worry about the buildup of snow as the state of Iowa gives you a timeline to wait until the storm gets over to remove the snow from your property. 

What should you do as a property owner?

As a property owner, there are some things you can do to ensure the upkeep of the property. This includes studying the laws surrounding snow removal in your area, doing regular inspections of the property, and addressing potential hazards immediately. In addition, you can hire professional services to get the snow removed and see if your insurance company covers snow slip and fall accident damages. 

Final thoughts:

Are you unsure whether you have a slip and fall accident? What better way to find out than by getting in touch with a lawyer to get a free consultation and advice on what you should do? Time is ticking, book a free session with a personal injury lawyer today.