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How can Title IX affect your life? 

How can Title IX affect your life 

Title IX is used in cases such as sexual harassment, assault, discrimination on the basis of gender, stalking, etc. It applies to all those schools, colleges, and universities that receive federal funding. It is a high probability that you might not be aware of your rights in such a situation. Title IX also requires the educational institutes to set up their own system to investigate such cases and if you are found guilty of violating Title IX norms, you might have to face some serious consequences.

According to a Texas education lawyer, the effects of Title IX violation are:

  • Expulsion from school: If you are found guilty of violating Title IX guidelines, the school authorities will expel you from the campus. This has a very serious impact on your life and your career because your study is affected and emotionally you become unstable. Moreover, if you get dismissed from school, your parents will feel embarrassed in front of others and also it will become difficult for them to face the crowd.
  • Difficult in getting admission to other schools: The charges put under Title IX are very harsh and extreme and therefore, most schools prefer not to admit someone who has a history of violating Title IX guidelines. This not only hampers your career but also affects you mentally.
  • Affects day-to-day life: Going through the whole process of investigation, questioning and people judging, you shall be left exhausted, tense, and embarrassed. Your neighbors may start behaving differently, your friends may distance themselves from you, your relationship with your family may deteriorate and your classmates may not even talk to you. All this will put a lot of pressure on you and affect your daily life.
  • Criminal charges: In a serious circumstance where the charges pressed against you are found to be true and you have been found guilty, criminal charges can also be initiated and you might have to do some prison time too. This will leave you completely devastated and your future will be affected badly. Therefore, no matter what happens, seek legal help and try your level best to get out of this situation quickly.

Violation of Title IX norms can seriously have a deep impact on your mental health, your career, and your relationship with others. Therefore, understand the consequences and prevent yourself from getting into such situations.